The major consulting firms follow a career ladder similar to our figure below. There are variations in the names for each level between firms, but the general idea is the same. Some firms also offer a separate career ladder for those interested in specializing in a specific area of SAP instead of following the partner track. The next page describes each of the levels in the partner career ladder.

Consulting Career Ladder

Internships are typically full-time summer positions for undergraduate or graduate students. Some firms keep interns part-time during the school year to keep connected with strong talent.

The analyst level is an entry-level position for undergraduates and inexperienced consultants. The analyst role usually lasts 2-3 years before promotion to consultant. Analysts usually work in a project management role or join a functional or technical project team.

After roughly 2 to 3 years of experience, the next level in the SAP consulting ladder is a consultant. Consultants are valuable project team members that take on an increased number of deliverables. Consultants usually work under a senior consultant who manages their work.

Senior consultants usually have about 4 to 7 years of experience. They manage functional project sub-teams or lead small projects. Senior consultants also begin to sell smaller-scale client work.

Managers have at least 7 years of experience with SAP and leading small teams. They are often functional or technical leads of small project teams and oversee senior consultants and consultants. Their work can include selling client engagements, managing project budgets, obtaining team members, overseeing team deliverables, and working closely with the client team lead.

Senior Managers lead larger project teams or are project managers. They often lead sales pursuits from beginning to end working closely with Partners. Senior Managers are respected, senior leaders in the firm that are specialized in an industry, functional, or technical area.

Partners and Principal are different titles for shareholders in the firm. Directors are on the same level as Partners and Principals, but are not firm shareholders. Partners, Directors and Principals (PPD’s) are focused on selling client engagements. There is a lead PPD on each client project.

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